Deacons & Deaconesses Ministry

Deacons (men):  are ordained to service upon expressing a “desire” for the office, and also having successfully completed training, character scrutiny, leadership qualities, and proving process as prescribed biblically.  Assurance of the overall worthiness of a candidate is the duty of the Pastor and Elders.  Deacons serve for an indefinite period of time.  The Chairman or a representative of the Deacons Ministry serves as a member of the General Board.

The Deacons, in cooperation with other ministries, cooperate with the Elders in promoting the growth and welfare of the Church, assist in the greeting and ushering of the worshipers; distribute the Lord's Supper and receive the offerings; assist in financial canvasses, visitation projects and preparation of candidates for baptism; give counsel and service in the business affairs and program activities of the Church; cooperate in ministering to the needy; and perform such other duties as may be assigned.





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Deaconesses (women):  are the wives of Deacons.  All others shall be considered “helpers” of the Deaconesses.  Recommendations for the Deaconess position shall come via the Deaconess Chairperson working through the Pastor and Elders for approval.

The Deaconesses assist the Deacons and cooperate with them in promoting the growth and welfare of the Church; take responsibility for the preparation and care of the communion service; minister to the families in times of sickness and bereavement; serve in the assigned activities of the Church; and perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Chairman of the Deacons or Elders. 

  July 2021  
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